Musician: Magnus Högdahl Country: Sweden Style: Goa Trance Tracker Groups: Instinct, Orb, Phenomena, The Physical Crew, Triton                   1 – Oblitirator  2:18 90’s / Source: Still available for download in .XM format in the Amiga Music Preservation   Notes • Many non Goa Tracks are available for download […]


Musician: Unknown Country: Finland Style: Goa Trance                     1 – Indigoa 6:32 1997 / Source: Available for download in MP3 format (160 kbps) on the artist’s Miskeri.net page   Contributors • Info/sample by Levvon Lleeg

Mexican Trance

Musician: Unknown Country: Mexico Style: Goa Trance, Psy-Trance                     1 – Indio 5:19 1999 / Source: Once available on MP3.com   2 – Pancho Villa 7:32 1999 / Source: Once available on MP3.com   Notes • BEWARE: This project must not be confused with “Mexican Trance […]

Big Blue

Musicians: Unknown Country: Unknown Style: Goa Trance                       1 – V’Ger  12:10 2000 / Source: Once available on MP3.com   Contributors • This track appeared on the MP3.com page of Dream Music, but eventually never came out on this trance label, which ceased operations in 2001. […]