Dave / Jimmy Blunt

Musician: David Nabialek Country: Poland Style: Goa Trance, Trance Tracker Groups: Amnesty, Azkiness, Floppy, Freezers, Haujobb, KK, Mad Wizards, Monar Records, OftenHide, Phuture 303, Rave Network Overscan, Shadows, TRSI and Fairlight Recordz, Vacuum, Vodka People               Single Tracks 1 – Dave – Access Virus  5:39 90’s / Source: Still […]


Musicians: Matthew Hall, Murray Antill Country: Australia Style: Goa Trance   1 – Lunar Tunes (Remix) 8:37 1999-2000 / Source: WAV File   2 – Slaphead 8:36 1999 / Source: DAT / “Wicked Australian stuff, quite distorted track, groovy and deep. Has a ghostly sample at 6:40” / Listed as ‘Slap Head’ on the “top […]


Musician: Christophe Résigné Country: France Style: Goa Trance Tracker Groups: 3LN, Agoa, Digisonix, Eclipse, Karma, Razor 1911, The Planet Of Leather Moomins                 1 – After Birth 4:00 May 1999 / Source: Still available for download in .XM format in the Amiga Music Preservation   2 – Starcast […]