Musician: Anne Haessig Country: Sweden Style: Goa Trance, Trance, Ambient Tracker Groups: Bomb!, Eve, Level-D, Ribbon, Sunlikamelo-D, The Planet Of Leather Moomins                   1 – Above 5:32 1999-10-16 / Source: Still available for download in .XM format in the Modland Archives   […]


Musician: Ganesh K. Viswanathan Country: US Style: Goa Trance, Psy-Trance, Experimental Tracker Groups: Blackhole, CFT, Chaostheory, Dream Wave Project, Hornet.org, Kosmic Free Music Foundation, Phluid                 Single Tracks 1 – Genosha – Chingari (Goa A-Tempt)  10:20 1999 / Source: Still available for download […]


Musician: Daniel Nicholson Country: US Style: Goa Trance, Hard Trance Tracker Groups: Chill Productions, Epinicion, Kosmic Free Music Foundation, Kosmic Loader Foundation, Levisionet Audio Group, UGS                 Single Tracks 1 – Maelcum – Dark Stomper 5:59 1998-01-01 / Source: Still available for download […]

Timer / El Chupacabra

Musician: Michał Bączek Country: Poland Style: Goa Trance, Downtempo Tracker Groups: Appendix, Bohema, Define, Depth, Embora, Erotic Design, MadWizards, Music-Machine, Pandemonium, Peryselenium, Phuture 303, Rave Network Overscan, Scalaris, Spiral, Squeezers, Venus Art               1 – Timer – Goa Space-Cia  2:44 1997-08-31 / Source: Still […]

JRB / Osmium

Musician: Jethro R. Brewin Country: UK Style: Goa Trance, Trance, Downtempo Tracker Groups: Advance, Blackhole, Chill Productions, Lok, Onyx, The Ultra Crew, The Untouchables, Twist, Ultrabeat                 Single Tracks 1 – JRB – Arabian Android (Original Mix) 7:24 1996 / Source: Still available […]


Musician: Sebastian James Taylor Country: UK Style: Goa Trance, Hard Trance                     Single Tracks 1 – Shakta – Solar Nomads (Early Version) [Pushed On By The Solar Winds]  8:00 1995 / Source: Fabien Marsaud / “This early version of ‘Solar Nomads’ has […]

Rogue Planet / Stuntman

Musician: Manolis Katsifarakis Country: Greece Style: Psy-Trance                     Single Track 1 – Rogue Planet – Mecha ’99  9:02 1999 / Source: Available for listening on Rogue Planet’s Soundcloud account   Collaboration 2 – Stuntman & Acid Lagos – No Future  7:56 1999-2000 […]