Musician: Hugo van der Heiden Country: Netherlands Style: Goa Trance Tracker Groups: Accession, Beastietoys, De Brasserie, Limp Ninja, Mushroom Recordz, Poo-Brain, Ravende Bijen Imkers, Tentacle Interactive, Tone, Trinity Music               1 – GoaOptic  2000 / Source: Made for the Ambience 2000 Music Competition / Not available for download 2 – …
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Acid Bee

Musician: Unknown Country: Russia Style: Goa Trance Tracker Groups: Altered Perception, Twisted Crew                   1 – Siberian Oil-Gusher 7:18 1999-04-17 / Source: Still available for download in .XM format in the Mod Archives   Contributors • Info/sample by Cosmogenesis