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Dear friends, fans, members, artists, DJs and collectors.

So far (August 2016), as most of you know already, the Unreleased Goa Project Blog was a complete database that replaced the old one at Discogs. Now, it’s time to move on once again, so let me introduce to you our brand new Unreleased Goa Project Network!

A fully dedicated website with a lot of new features and a real “catching eye” design. It will be constantly updated, not only with new artists pages, but with, literally, tons of futures! Our thoughts including some future possibilities such as:

  • Goa Trance Web Radio
  • Goa Trance Net Label (digital releases only!) for,
    • Tracks that not qualified for Dat Records
    • New artists
  • Exclusive membership for steaming full tracks and many more!
    (for now, are just ideas 😉 )

We hope that you will love it, enjoy it, and find it useful!


Our main purpose is to find and identify unreleased, misnamed or no name tracks, missing or incorrect artist names, and all the unknown artists from the Goa Trance scene of the 90’s, which appear on DAT, promo CD or any other format.


• It started back in 2007, as an attempt “to build a definitive guide to all the unreleased old school stuff that floated around on DAT back in the day“.

• Original idea and web space provided by Ekto-Basilisk

• 2007-2011: Started and moderated by Kwulf; assisted by Draeke, Joseph Schembri & Cosmogenesis

• 2012: Moderated by Kwulf & Draeke; additional web space by Draeke

• 2013: Blog version by Sunborn, Cosmogenesis, Kwulf & Draeke; additional web space by Space Alchemy Lab

• 2014: Blog team expanded with Mark Ainley

• 2016: Moving from blog to our new dedicated website!


• For a history of this directory see: https://www.discogs.com/groups/topic/120810

• Related Facebook Group: Rare & Unreleased Goa Trance

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