Hello dear psychedelic people!
Our site was under heavy attack the last days, with many .php files of the installation infected by a source code which redirected the visitor to some “weird” (to say the least!) sites.

We manage to deal with the situation successfully (working all night) but to be 100% sure we deleted everything and re-upload from an older back-up.
Yet, some things are gone (mostly web design code and secondary things, so we have to work on that) but all pages and samples and all the important stuff is there. The home page sucks (it will be created again in the next days), but you can easily (and safely) navigate to all the other pages!

However, extra measures has to be taken nonetheless!
As a start WE ARE CLOSING THE REGISTRATION. We will NOT accept new members plus that we will DELETE every existing member, except few active contributors. ALL MEMBERS (AND THE LOGIN BUTTON) HAS BEEN REMOVED, SO PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO LOGIN! It won’t work.
But really, you don’t miss anything, since the site is fully open to the public.

Thank you for your understanding!

NOTE TO THE ATTACKERS and to all those that made over 30.000 failed fake logins in the past months, as well to all spammers who made an account here (and of course removed, even before this situation):

Dear people, you really came in the WRONG place. This site provides ONLY information and nothing else. We do NOT use credit cards or any other sensitive info here. We do NOT even have the unreleased tracks in our server, but safely on our hard drives in our homes. Here, there are only 1-2 minutes mp3 samples. We do NOT care or pay attention to commercial advertising or any other social crap. We will NEVER buy anything, we do NOT care for Viagra or adult dates, or anything else, really. We are not consumers. We are from outer space!
So, good luck somewhere else… there is nothing for you here, you are just wasting your time (and ours!).

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