Musician: Tomasz Balicki
Country: Sweden


1 – Atmos – Drums Non Stop (Remix) 
199? / Unconfirmed


2 – Atmos – Nuclear Sun 8:22
1997 / Source: MP3 File


3 – T.M.S. – Psycarussel  7:40
1997 / Source: DAT from Greece / “T.M.S. was an Atmos ‘undercover’ project. Actually T.M.S. is the word ‘Atmos’ without the vowels…”

• Info for ‘Drums Non Stop (Remix)’ by Stardiver
• Info/source/sample/trivia for ‘Psycarussel’ by DJ Sunborn
• Info/sample for ‘Nuclear Sun’ by Дејан Белић

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