Children Of Paradise

Country: France, Germany

1 – Alien Nation (Original Unreleased Full Version)
1997 / Source: Greek DAT / The released versions Part 1 & Part 2 are based on this one. Basically the original track, is not only bigger but it also has structure differences. Sounds are same, but they developed in a different way at some parts of the track.


2 – Alien Nation Part I (Alternate Mix) 8:18
Source: DAT from the Band.

3 – Alien Nation Part II (Early Mix) 6:17
Source: DAT from the Band.

4 – Alien Nation Part III (Unreleased Mix)  7:31
1999 / Source: French DAT


5 – Fairy In The Dragonforest (Extended Mix)  10:32
1997 / Source: Various DAT tapes / Listed as “COP – Dragon In The Tree” and “COP – Alien Forest”. Also appears incorrectly as ‘Jingle Forrest’ / Third generation DAT copy originating from the COP guys. Very different and longer mix than the released version (date: Apr 1999, duration 8:19), with longer intro and outro.


6 – Fairy In The Dragonforest (Early Mix)  9:52
April 1997 / Source: DAT from Greek DJ / Appears as “C.O.P. (X-Dream + Gangguru) – Deep In The Dragon Forest” (KS) or “Dragon Forest” (co), with shortened intro/outro, much faster, less layers than the released version (146 BPM).

• The track “Fairy In The Dragonforest” was produced at Gangguru’s studio at Ivry-sur-Seine, the other C.O.P. tracks at Pierre Branet’s studio, Porte de la Chapelle (Paris).
• All C.O.P. tracks found label, but different versions of the released tracks exist. However, they are close to the official version. C.O.P. members used to bring several improvements to their tracks, each of them being saved on DAT as back-up (Pierre Branet).
• Original discogs page by Kwulf, updated by Cosmogenesis.

• Info for ‘Fairy In The Dragonforest (Extended Mix)’ by draeke
• Source/sample/comment for ‘Alien Nation (Original Unreleased Full Version)’; info for ‘Fairy In The Dragonforest (Early Mix)’ by DJ Sunborn
• Source/sample for ‘Fairy In The Dragonforest (Extended Mix)’ by kwulf
• Alternate name/sample for ‘Fairy In The Dragonforest (Early Mix)’; info/source/sample for ‘Alien Nation Part 3 (DAT Version)’ by Cosmogenesis
• All other info/trivia by Pierre Branet (Gangguru), contacted by Cosmogenesis

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