Project Journeyman / Dreamweaver

Musician: Jim Granlund
Country: Sweden



Unreleased album: “Rhythm Of Life”
1996 / “These tracks are truly unreleased and as far as I know there’s probably 3 persons in the whole world who have access to HQ (DAT and/or WAV) versions of them. There may be some cassette versions out there floating around though”.

1 – Rhythm Of Life  4:05

2 – Cydonia  3:50

3 – Ocean Of Dreams  4:36

4 – Mirrorworlds  4:27

5 – Voyager  8:48

6 – Planets  5:14

7 – Terraformers  5:22

8 – The Journeyman  4:49

9 – SETI  4:12

10 – Antarctica  4:56

11 – Point Of No Return  6:27

12 – Ocean Of Dreams (Hard Version)  5:15

• “My early project was called ‘Project Journeyman’ and it’s way more geared towards hard – & dream trance than goa. I listened to many genres of dance music in the 90’s and these tracks were produced during all the sessions when I tried to learn how to make my own music”.
• “As I can recall all of these tracks were recorded during 1996 and paved the way for the Dreamweaver project and the “Lord of Illusion” record which I produced in 1997″.
• “The main synthesizer for all the tracks were a Roland JV-1080 with the Vintage and Dance expansions. This synth was the main kit for all my records and I truly dug deep into the synthesis engine of it. The other studio tools used during the Journeyman era were – Novation Basstation key, Novation Drumstation, Alesis Midiverb 4 and Soundcraft Spirit Folio SX mixer. I had an expanded Kurzweil K2000 too but it didn’t find it’s way into these recordings. I later replaced the SX with a larger 24 channel desk and some more synths and samplers”.
• “All tracks were sequenced on an Amiga 4000 040/25 with Music-X 2.0 and a 16 channel midi interface. All the mixing was done on the desk and all tracks were recorded to a Sony DAT on 2 channels. That’s how I made all of my later tracks too, often doing everything in a single or just a few sessions – producing, mixing, recording in a quick pace”.
• Post-2000 Dreamweaver Tracks:
‘Cosmic Resonance’
‘The Mythologist’

• Info for the post-2000 Dreamweaver tracks by 303
• Initial info for “Rhythm Of Life” by Fredrik Haglund
• Tracklist/duration/year/trivia by Jim Granlund, contacted by Cosmogenesis

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