Musician: Joti Sidhu
Country: UK




1 – Psychaos – Chaos To Order (DAT Version)  8:00
1998 / Source: DAT from UK / This version includes a sample in the intro and has a bit longer outro compared to the released version.

2 – Psychaos – Intellect (Remix)  7:46
199? / Source: Anonymous Greek source

3 – Psychaos – S.E.T.I. (Remix)  6:24
1995 / Source: Greek DAT / “The sample comes in earlier than the commercial version, and the opening bass-line sound is absolutely different. Some different structural things too; there is another harmonic rhythmic voice that doesn’t come in with the bass-line.”

4 – Psychaos – Science Fiction (Remix)  7:46
Dec 1995 or earlier / Source: DAT from UK

5 – Psychaos – Soundbeams (Remix) 
1999 / Source: It appeared on a top 10 of Mushroom Magazine’s charts from DJ Spliff Richard (UK)

6 – Psychaos – Spacial Distortion (Remix)  8:59
1997 / Source: Mp3 file from collector / Appears also as ‘Spatial Distortion (Remix)’.

7 – Psychaos – Spacial Distortion (Buzz Box Remix)  7:21
1997 or earlier / Source: DAT from Greece / 144 BPM / Appears also as ‘Buzzbox’.

8 – Psychaos – Syncon  7:15
1994 / Source: Joti Sidhu / This is the first version of ‘Intellect‘, without the sample “are these the sounds of a music that comes to us across the vastness of space”.

9 – Joti & Ofer – No Name (105 BPM Version) 
199? / Produced at Space Cat‘s studio.

10 – Human League – These Are The Days (Psychaos Remix)  6:57
1994 / Source: French DAT

11 – Mantra – Naked (Psychaos Remix)  6:50
1994 / Source: Joti Sidhu / Circulated in Greek DAT circles as ‘Naked’ / According to Joti Sidhu, this is a remix of a track by the project ‘Mantra’ (Andy Wright).

Live @ Rhodon Club, Athens

1998 / Source: Greek DAT / Recorded direct from the soundboard of Rhodon, without informing the artist, and kept secret for more that 12 years, available only in a very small circle of 4 people. However the quality is bad, almost disturbing, as the sound is over-compressed.

L1 – Psychaos – Chaos To Order  7:20

L2 – Psychaos – Investigating Eternity  7:23

L3 – Psychaos – Sonic Chemist  6:58

L4 – Psychaos – Reality Hack  8:18

L5 – Dodgy Connection (aka Joti & Tim Schuldt) – Off Limits  8:09

L6 – Psychaos – No Name  7:47

Other Live Mixes

L7 – Psychaos – Solid Bubbles (Live Mix)  6:51
1997-1998 / Source: Greek DJ / The original mix is listed as a “Joti + Avi” track / Appears also as ‘Solid Bubbles (Remix)’.

L8 – Joti & Semsis – Drop (Live Mix)  7:36
1997 / Source: Greek DAT / Listed also as “Joti – G-43” and “Psychaos – G43 (Live Mix)” / Artists/track name confirmed by Joti Sidhu. / Seems like Joti used this track only in his live sets, therefore this is actually a live mix of the track.

• Joti Sidhu states that ‘Drop’ and some versions of ‘Spacial Distortion’ were just rough cuts for the studio, that were never meant to get out at all.
• The track that circulated as ‘Science Fiction (Live Mix)’ is actually the ‘Science Fiction (Remix)’.

• Info/trivia for ‘Naked (Remix)’; info/date/sample for ‘S.E.T.I. (Remix)’; info/date for ‘Science Fiction (Remix)’; time/source/sample for ‘Spacial Distortion (Remix)’; trivia for ‘Solid Bubbles (Live Mix)’, info/sample for ‘Intellect (Remix)’ by kwulf
• Info/source/samples/trivia for ‘Live @ Rhodon Club, Athens’ and ‘Spacial Distortion (Buzz Box Remix)’; sample for ‘Solid Bubbles (Live Mix)’; source/duration for ‘Science Fiction (Remix)’; trivia for ‘Drop’ by DJ Sunborn
• Info/trivia/date for ‘Syncon’; correct name for ‘Naked (Remix)’; comment for ‘S.E.T.I. (Remix)’ by Mark Ainley
• Info/date/source/samples for ‘Chaos To Order (DAT Version)’; info/source for ‘Soundbeams (Remix)’ by Cosmogenesis
• Info/date/sample for ‘Drop’; info for ‘Spacial Distortion (Remix)’, info for ‘Solid Bubbles (Live Mix)’ by Nexus6
• Source for ‘Solid Bubbles (Live Mix)’ by Aidaho
• Sample for ‘Syncon’ by draeke
• Samples for ‘Naked (Remix)’, ‘These Are The Days (Psychaos Remix)’ by French collector
• Alternate name for ‘Drop’ by Rishi Cubensis
• Source for ‘Naked (Remix)’; info for ‘No Name (105 BPM Version)’; various comments by Joti Sidhu
• Joti Sidhu contacted by TheTreeTribe

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