Country: UK
Style: Goa Trance


1 – Technossomy – Androids (Alternate Mix) 8:00 
Source: Alpha-Beat / Sold as Technossomy – Sighting. MP3 tag reads ‘Sighting 44’. A different version of the track released as ‘Androids’.


2 – Technossomy – Domain 10:51
Source: Alpha-Beat


3 Technossomy – High Density (Early Mix) 8:31
Sep 1995 or earlier / Source: James Monro DAT given to Dinos Zoumberis


4 Technossomy – Hi(gh) Density (Full Mix) 9:31
Source: Alpha-Beat / Listed as ‘Hi Density’ on page. The actual MP3 file is titled ‘High Density’ and the MP3 tag reads ‘HIGH DENSITY COMP’. Notable differences compared to the mix above.


5 Technossomy – In There 09:27
Source: Alpha Beat & DAT from France / MP3 tag reads ‘In There 44’.


6 Technossomy – Invaders (Full Mix) 16:35
Source: Alpha-Beat / MP3 tag reads ‘Invaders(17mINS) 48.AIF’.


7 Technossomy – Kozmotron (B Mix) 10:38
Source: Alpha-Beat / MP3 tag reads ‘KOZMOTRON B 48’. The released version on CD has duration of 9:32.


8 Technossomy – Pleiadian Landing (Vocal Mix) 9:40
Source: DAT from France. This version features a vocal sample.


9 Technossomy – Pleiadian Landing (Long Version) 09:51
Source: Alpha-Beat / MP3 tag reads ‘PALEDIAN LANDINGS 48’. The track is cut abruptly at the end. The version released on CD is titled ‘Pleiadian Landing’ and has duration 7:21.


10 Technossomy – Stoned 6:40
1996 / Source: DAT from Greece.


11 Technossomy – Synthetic Lunacy (Synthetic Flesh Alternate Mix) 10:45
Source: Alpha-Beat / MP3 tag reads ‘SYNTHETIC LUNACY MASTER’.


12 Technossomy – The Pyramid (Flying Saucer Nonsense Mix) 10:08
Source: Alpha-Beat / More or less same structure and sounds as the released version. However it has many unique elements also, like the voice sample saying “lets not start that flying saucer nonsense again”. So is an alternate mix, or better is the same mix, 25-30 seconds shorter and without the samples.


13 Technossomy – Timepiece (Early Mix) 9:17
Source: DAT from France.


14 Technossomy – Unknown 8:33
December 1995 / Comes from a DAT tape that James Monroe & Dominic (Lamb) copied for Max Etnica on the 18th Dec 1995


15 Technossomy – Ursuland 8:25
1994-95 / source: DAT / The tag on the MP3 file posted on reads ‘Ursuland 44’.


16 Technossomy – V.T.O.L. (Full Length Mix 2) 12:37 (DAT) 12:26 (Alpha-Beat)
Source : Alpha-Beat and a French DAT / MP3 tag from Alpha-Beat reads ‘V.T.O.L. LIMTD RE-MASTRD’. The track is very close to V.T.O.L. (Full Length Version) from “Make it Fit”. The versions on Make It Fit (vinyl and CD) are otherwise identical, except that the ’12” Kojak Edit’ (less than 9 minutes) omits 3:37 of the intro and starts directly from the full speed kick part. The CD version has duration 12:34. The album versions have some of the initial and final creaks (cross-)faded, which explains 20 (or 30, see below) +17 seconds of its shorter duration. The first 6 minutes until the major drop are essentially identical to the CD versions. Then we have roughly 3:30 of differently paced and mixed middle synths. CD version’s are 14 seconds longer here. The final 2-minute mayhem after the second “Hard at work” sample is identical again. The full length version has 1 minute of plain creaks at the beginning and 22 seconds at the end. Those parts are probably shortened on many compilations, but no melodic content is missing. Apparently the only difference between the album versions (on labels Flying Rhino vs. Lyrical Robots) is that in LR the track border mark before V.T.O.L. is 11 seconds later. Therefore some of its intro can be heard in ‘Skinflint”s end. Track duration change from 8:50/11:43 to 9:01/11:32, but the music does not change.


Live Mixes

L1 Technossomy – Electron Bender (Live Mix) 12:22
1995-96 / Source: DAT from Max Etnica, copied by James Monro on 18 December 1995 and a French DAT


L2 Technossomy – The Pyramid (Live Mix) 13:33
1995-96 / Source: DAT from Max Etnica


Alias & Collaboration Projects

17 Kundalini – Interzone (Early Mix) 9:06
1995 / Source: DAT from France / sold as ‘Technossomy – Sunrise’ the MP3 tag from Alpha-Beat reads ‘Sunrise 44’. A longer and different version of the track ‘Interzone’ by Kundalini (alias of Technossomy). The two released versions are on 12″ vinyl (duration ~6:35) and on a compilation CD (duration 8:07).


18 WET (James Monro + Dominic Lamb) – Texture I 9:03
Feb 1997 or earlier / source: DAT from Greek DJ & from MAX Etnica / 140 BPM


19 WET (James Monro + Dominic Lamb) – Texture II 9:50
1997 source: Promo CDr & DAT from France / Trivia: Texture II (Morning Mix) 5:46 does not exist, it is just a cut version of Texture I (from 3:35 till the end).



20 Technossomy – Mr. Benn 8:44
Source: DAT from France


Released Tracks sold on Alpha-Beat
Some of the following tracks can be listened in full on the official Soundcloud page of the Artist.

21 – Technossomy – Cashish
Is Kundalini – Cow Den – Released

22 Technossomy – Chameleon
Is Technossomy – Chameleon (Puddle Mix) – Released / MP3 tag reads ‘CHAMELEON LIMITD 2005 48K’, probably indicating a remastered version.

23 Technossomy – Elektron Bender
Is the released version from “Synthetic Flesh”. The 13 seconds difference is because they cut the long delayed outro. MP3 tag reads ‘E BENDER LIMTD 2005-01’, probably indicating a remastered version.

24 Technossomy – Purple Joker
Is Technossomy – The Joker. The presumably unreleased version is just missing a few outro seconds

• Sixteen tracks in total were once available in MP3 format (VBR) on
• A post by Matt Evans on the (now defunct) website announced plans for two Technossomy CD releases (a reissue of their album and another CD with unreleased tracks), which did not materialise.
• The track that appears on DAT as “Technossomy – Skydiver (Doof Remix)” was actually released as “Ohm – Sky Diver (Green Nuns Of The Revolution Remix)”.

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* Info/source/samples for ‘Ursuland’, ‘Stoned’ by Aidaho
* Info/date/source/BPM/sample for ‘Texture I’ & Trivia for ‘Texture II’ by Kyriakos Sunborn
* Info/date/source/sample for ‘Texture II’ by Cosmogenesis
* Info/sample for ‘High Density’; estimated date for ‘Ursuland’,’Stoned’, ID for ‘Sighting’ by Kwulf
* Info/tags/research/archive link for tracks listed on by Robostyx, ma05683, marsh, draeke
* Info on ‘V.T.O.L.’ and comparative notes by Dolmot
* Info/source/samples/dates for for ‘Unknown’, ‘Pyramid (Live Mix)’, ‘Elektron Bender (Live Mix)’, ‘V.T.O.L. (Live Mix)’ and other comparisons, investigations and notes by Draeke

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