Transwave / Kaledoid

Country: France
Style: Goa Trance

Unreleased Vinyl & CD E.P.: ‘Kaoma – Lambada (Transwave Remixes)’ (Substance)
1997 / Info posted in the discography page of the official Deedrah site / Further info provided by IsraTrance user ‘dadoski’ (Frédéric Holyszewski) on Jun 3, 2006 (his full post, unedited): “these rmx exists!!!! there are even 3 different versions of the lambada rmx, but there is not enough (good) Transwave in it to be listed in the compilation track list, sorry. But we will post all those mixes later on our website ( UC ), for educational purpose maybe 😉 I recall that Jean Caracos, our manager at the time, was also responsible for the huge lambada hit, and asked us to do a rmx. They even pressed a vinyl version and something like 20 000 cds (4 tracks). They trashed all cds, unsellable. I guess the combination of trance music and lambada just didn’t rock enough people!!! I understand them largely. Honestly, you don’t want to hear that track!!!!”

Vinyl, 12′, EP
A – Kaoma – Lambada (Transwave Remix 1) 
B – Kaoma – Lambada (Transwave Remix 2)

1 – Kaoma – Lambada (Transwave Remix 1) 
2 – Kaoma – Lambada (Transwave Remix 2)
3 – Kaoma – Lambada (Transwave Remix 3)
4 – Kaoma – Lambada (Transwave Remix 4)

Single Tracks
1 – Transwave – Bombay Night (Full Mix)  10:54
1996-1997 / Source: French DAT Mafia / The Full Mix version continues and rebuilds after the outro (a shorter edit has been released on ‘Backfire‘). Back in the 90’s, this was the track Transwave used to start their live sets with / Appears misnamed as ‘Bombay Nights’ [Kyriakos Sunborn], or is wrongly credited to Talamasca. [Cosmogenesis]

2 – Transwave – S9 (Unreleased Mix) 
“The unreleased mix is more industrial and metallic than the released one. Both are among the greatest high-energy and emotional tracks ever made.” [Mark Ainley]

3 – Kaledoid – Anjuna (Bitch Mix)  6:41
1996 / Source: Frédéric Holyszewski (Dado) / It was the other mix of ‘Anjuna’ that was never released.

Live Set
L1 – Transwave Live@TBE, Paris 15:42
1996 / Source: YouTube video footage posted by Squazoid aka Dj Jem.B (Mandala Records)

L1-1 Bombay Night  00:00>
L1-2 Land Of Freedom (Remix)  01:55>
L1-3 Snow Drop  03:20>
L1-4 Anahata  06:14>
L1-5 My Dear Medical Assurance  06:59>
L1-6 Flamycogyre  07:47>
L1-7 Code S9  14:37>

• The listing on the Deedrah site mistakenly mentions Distance as label for the ‘Lambada RMX’ EP, as all other Transwave releases and compilation appearances were on Substance, a sublabel of Distance.
• According to a YouTube comment, ‘Transwave – Rezwalker (Alien Mechanic Remix)’ is probably a late remix made by an amateur artist, who claims to have produced it before the year 2007. It circulated in P2P sites as an MP3 File (192 kbps) and was initially identified as fake by IsraTrance user ‘dadoski’ (Frédéric Holyszewski) on June 3, 2006.
• Frédéric Holyszewski offered a supposedly unreleased track named ‘Transwave – XPlane’, in MP3 format (320 kbps), downloadable for 24 hours only (but still available for listening), on his Soundcloud account, on 18 October 2013. A brief description says that it is “Transwave first ever recorded track”, composed in 1993. However a member of the Rare & Unreleased Goa Facebook Group (Oldis Gold) later revealed that this track was actually ‘Quid – PPG’, released on a Black Totem EP and produced by J.C. Morin, one member of Cypher. No comment was made by Transwave members about the identification.
• The track that circulated as Transwave vs Avi – No Name, it is probably a Gangguru track. Confirmed by Frédéric Holyszewski that is not a Transwave track.

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• Confirmation for ‘No Name’ by Frédéric Holyszewski
• Identification for ‘Xplane’ by Oldis Gold

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  1. Frederic Holyszewski - June 17, 2014 at 8:46 am

    this transwave vs avi is not a track we did


  2. Kyriakos Sunborn - June 17, 2014 at 10:22 am

    Thanks a lot Dado! I will correct it.

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