Timer / El Chupacabra

Musician: Michał Bączek Country: Poland Style: Goa Trance, Downtempo Tracker Groups: Appendix, Bohema, Define, Depth, Embora, Erotic Design, MadWizards, Music-Machine, Pandemonium, Peryselenium, Phuture 303, Rave Network Overscan, Scalaris, Spiral, Squeezers, Venus Art               1 – Timer – Goa Space-Cia  2:44 1997-08-31 / Source: Still […]

S.U.N. Project

Musicians: Marco Menichelli, Matthias Rumoeller, Maik Hinkelmann Country: Germany Style: Goa Trance       1 – Tantra  8:42 1996 / Source: DAT from DJ Sangeet / “Original name and first version of the released track ‘Crazy Stories‘. Has the same structure, with differences in the intro and outro, some […]