Tranceweaver / The Crow

Musician: Unknown Country: Croatia Style: Goa Trance, Psy-Trance, Acid Tracker Groups: Altered Perception, Mad Virgin, TrancEthereal, Zaiebani                   Single Tracks 1 – Tranceweaver – 604-Deliverance (IR Psylens) 1996-2000 / Source: Listed on TranceEthereal’s website / Part of an unreleased album titled “Urban […]

Slice / SLC

Musician: Ola Lindfeldt Country: Sweden Style: Goa Trance, Hard Trance Tracker Groups: Illogik, Powerline, React, Royal, The Syndicate                     Unreleased Album: “Demo 01” 1996-1998 / All album tracks are available for download in MP3 128 kbps (except ‘Mystery Of Drup’Had’ in .xm […]