Diego & Mato


Musicians: Diego, Matto
Country: Unknown
Style: Goa Trance, Psy-Trance

1 – Hormiga 10:04
1997-98 / Source: DAT

2 – Hormiga (Remix) 9:24
1997-98 / Source: DAT

3 – Scarlet 10:41
1997-98 / Source: DAT

4 – Twisted 10:03
1997-98 / Source: DAT

5 – Twisted (Remix) 9:46
1997-98 / Source: DAT

6 – You, Wicked Pudding 7:05
1997-98 / Source: DAT

• Diego & Matto was a kind of legendary project in the underground circles of the 90’s. They also appeared with one track in the Goa Gil’sMixed Live In Goa 1997 cassette. Artists are still unidentified. According to some sources, Diego might be the artist Diego Beloso, a Swedish based musician with South American roots.
• Another track appeared in a text archive as ‘First Fright’, but we don’t have any info about it (year, duration, sample etc.).

• Info/source/samples for ‘Twisted (Remix)’, ‘You, Wicked Pudding’ by DJ Sunborn
• Info/source/sample for ‘Hormiga’ by DJ Nemo
• Info/source/sample for ‘Hormiga (Remix)’ by DJ Peter Zen
• Info/source/sample for ‘Twisted’ by Kobi Harosh
• Info/source/sample for ‘Scarlet’ by Ridge Suomäki



Label DJ & Audio Engineer at DAT Records, Musician & Composer at Liquid Sun, Radio Producer, Founding member of the Unreleased Goa Project, Alternative Artist, Computer Technician & Web Designer.

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    1. GeorgeMoonstoneD, all those are just speculations, that we know from years, but there is no true evidence of any of the above…. and Tomas, so far, is ignoring our tags or messages
      The track 5 supposed to be Mato alone, according to some. Also all the other tracks, on various other sources, exists either under the project name, either as Diego, alone… so not even this are really clear. 🙂

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