Weirdo Beardo

Musician: Ulf Gustavsson
Country: Sweden







1 – Fire Out Man
2000 / Source: Listed as unreleased on Edoardo’s Top 20 of January 2000.

2 – Lands Of The Lost Souls  8:10
2000 / Source: French DAT and also once available on Little Blue Men’s page / Listed also as ‘Land Of Lost Souls’ and sometimes credited as a Little Blue Men track.


3 – Ra The Reefer  8:36
Source: Greek DAT / Circulated also as ‘Rock Around’


4 – The Brain  12:03
2000 / Source: Greek DAT. This track circulated as an mp3 with the following wrong titles: Palombini Power – Wormhole or White Horse, the latter recorded slower but being the same track.


• Info/sample/correct artist for ‘Lands Of The Lost Souls’ by Cosmogenesis
• Info/sample for ‘The Brain’; info for ‘Fire Out Man’ by Kyriakos Sunborn
• Info/sample for ‘Ra The Reefer’; notes on ‘The Brain’ by draeke
• Alternate name for ‘Lands Of The Lost Souls’ by Eyal Ben Or
• Correct name for ‘Ra The Reefer’ by Lasse Cozy Andersson

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