Country: Australia
Style: Goa Trance


1 – Lunar Tunes (Remix) 8:37
1999-2000 / Source: WAV File


2 – Slaphead 8:36
1999 / Source: DAT / “Wicked Australian stuff, quite distorted track, groovy and deep. Has a ghostly sample at 6:40” / Listed as ‘Slap Head’ on the “top 10” tracks of Glen (Omnipotent Eye / Psyquarius), a DJ from the UK, for September 1999 / The track was also briefly available for listening on Weird Music Society’s Soundcloud page

• Info/comment/source/sample for ‘Slaphead’ by draeke
• Info/source/sample for ‘Lunar Tunes (Remix)’ by Oldis Gold
• Track identification for ‘Lunar Tunes (Remix)’ by DJ Sunborn

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