Animé / Trance Sexual

Musician: Evil Hantel & guests
Country: Germany
Style: Goa Trance






1 – Got A Secret 
2000 / Source: Once available on

2 – Salamander 
2000 / Source: Once available on

• Artist description: “I am a Hamburg musician whose work could be described as TripHop with a more upbeat flavour, Electronic Folk, laid back Drum’n’Bass. Apart from the electronic ingredients, my music consists of classic instruments’ sounds such as guitars, woodwind and percussion.Descending from a singer/songwriter tradition, I put most emphasis on the vocals – in fact, most of my songs evolved from a basic melody accompanied by an acoustic guitar.On the other hand, I also create soundtracks, sounds and dance tracks. My recordings are solo productions carried out in my HDR studio, but I play live gigs supported by a drummer…”
• Both tracks were also available under the alias “Trance Sexual“.
• Non-Goa tracks: ‘Alien Spices’, ‘Another Heaven’, ‘Hibernation’, ‘Kick The Habit’, ‘Move Blackout Skies’, ‘No Glow’, ‘Yesterday When (You Were Beautiful).

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