Atom Smasher

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Musician: Miles Flanagan
Country: UK
Style: Goa Trance

1 – Fizz Digger (Goa Mix) 
1999 / Once available on

• The artist “directed promos for the Pogues, Dave Stewart, Candy Flip and MTV” []. The original version of ‘Fizz Digger’ was released as a video clip after more than a decade, in 2013.
• Non Goa tracks:

‘Big Dipper’, 6:37.
‘Calzone’, 5:30.
‘Clear Blue’, 5:34.
‘Godin’, 4:45.
‘Gozandah’, 8:39.
‘Korg One’, 5:45.
‘Persuasia’, 7:13.
‘Phunk’, 5:22.

• Info/notes/trivia by Cosmogenesis


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