Hallucinogen / Simon Posford

Musician: Simon Posford
Country: UK
Style: Goa Trance






1 – Hallucinogen – Shamanix (Early Mix)  8:07
1994-95 / Source: DAT / An earlier and a bit slower mix


2 – Hallucinogen – Shamanix (Remix)  9:30
1995 / Source: DAT from Etnica archives / The full version of the released remix.


3 – Hallucinogen – Snarling Black Mabel (Remix) 6:36
1998 / Source: DAT from Greece / Notes: Notable differences from the released mix.


4 – Simon – Chadok 8:36
1997 / Source : DAT from France / Circulated on DAT but it is not really clear if it is an authentic Simon’s track.


5 – Earth Nation – Alienated (Hallucinogen Remix)  7:22
1995 / Source: English DJ, long time resident in Ko-Phangan, Thailand; DAT from UK; DAT from Etnica archives.


6 – Killing Joke – Whiteout (Hallucinogen & Juno Reactor Remix)
? / Source: Info posted on the old shpongle.com site.

7 – Hallucinogen – LSD (Icon Mix)
1996 / Source: Etnica archives / Confirmed by Ralf Hildenbeutel (Icon/Earth Nation), contacted by Cosmogenesis.


Other Projects
8 – Binah – Crescent Suns (Original Mix) 8.30
1998 / Source: DAT from UK / Notes: The original mix, 127 BPM, different than the released one. Performers: George Barker, Jewel Stanbridge, Simon Posford. Date posted on the old shpongle.com site.


9 – Purple Om – Celtic Cross  6:10
1993 / Source: DAT from France / 140 BPM / This track is the original idea of what will lead to the creation of the future Celtic Cross project.


10 – Purple Om – Electric Snake  8:16
1994 / Source: DAT brought to Greece from Goa after the 1994-95 party season. [kw]; DAT from Etnica archives / “I think it’s been played during the 1993-94 season. Copied from DAT in ’94 or ’95.” [djy] / Appears on a DJ set by Mike Maguire [oz]


11 – Purple Om – Solstice Trance 6:08
1993 / Source : DAT from France / The unmastered and unmixed version of ‘Hallucinogen – Solstice’ later released on Various – Retrodelica.


12 – Purple Om – Storm (Floyd)  5:45
? / Source: MP3 file at 128 kbps / Quite beautiful track from the early times, with a beautiful haunting female voice in the background. The track unfortunately is cut with a fade and not complete.


13 – Purple Om – Wargasmed (Hallucinogen Mix)  7:55
1994 / Source: DAT from UK/ Appears also as ‘Wargasms’ on P2P sites with a length of 7:59 / The original version of this track was an ambient track, shared on the official soundcloud page of the band. This is a typical up tempo Hallucinogen track and circulated mostly as ‘Hallucinogen – Wargasmed’.


Live Mixes
L1 – Hallucinogen – Shamanix (Live Mix)  9:09
Date ? / Source: DAT from French DJ / It was recorded during a live set and has some notable differences in structure.


• The track ‘Alpha Centauri’ circulated as ‘Purple Om – Up 4 More’ during the Goa season of 94/95 on DATs. It is uncertain if that was originally a Purple Om track.
• A track that circulated as ‘Hallucinogen – Thugs In Thy Die (Remix)’ was actually a combination of two tracks, that Simon used to play together in his dj sets: ‘Sulphurex – Point Break + Thugs In Thy Die’. The first was slowed down to match the speed of Simon’s track and they blend perfectly.
Some tracks circulate with wrong artists/names:
• ‘Hallucinogen – Agent Orange’ is actually ‘Beast – Trouble’.
• ‘Hallucinogen – Are We Here’ is a track from Orbital.
• ‘Hallucinogen – Brainpilot’ was actually released as ‘SAS/Ban/Tony – Xtra Terresticle’.
• ‘Hallucinogen – Dynamix II’s Non-Stop Electro Bass’ is actually a track from Rabbit In The Moon.
• ‘Hallucinogen – Electro Acupuncture’ is actually a short version of ‘Astral Pilot – Electro Acupuncture (Rabbit In The Moon’s Stimulation Mix)’.
• ‘Hallucinogen – Gamma Goblins Part 3’ is actually ‘Gamma Goblins Part 1’.
• ‘Hallucinogen – Lunatic House Sounds’ is actually the track ‘Hallucinogen’ released by the Belgium techno project Lunatic House Sounds.
• ‘Hallucinogen – Not Just A Drug’ is actually ‘Radiotrance – Boctok 5’.
• ‘Hallucinogen – On The Run’: it is not ‘Purple Om – On The Run’, but from another artist.
• ‘Hallucinogen – Policeman’ was actually released as ‘Infernal Machine – The Loin Sleeps Tonight’.
• ‘Hallucinogen – Phuture 2000’ is actually a track from Carl Cox.
• ‘Hallucinogen – Red Zone’ is actually a track from Robert Miles.
• ‘Hallucinogen – Smoke A Little Shit’ is actually released as ‘Younger Brother – Even Dwarves Start Small’.
• ‘Hallucinogen – Synchro’: it starts with a track from Synchro and the second half with ‘Hallucinogen – Angelic Particles’.
• ‘Hallucinogen – Swamp Thing’ is actually a track from Juno Reactor.
• ‘Hallucinogen – The Eight Devils’ was actually released (on a DAM-CD from mp3.com) as ‘Gigas – The Eight Devils Of Kimon’ (archive link).
• ‘Hallucinogen – The Funklab’ is actually ‘The Funk Lab – Hallucinogen’ released here.
• ‘Hallucinogen – The Last Man In Europe’ is an 8-bit track from another artist, which was once available on psyshop.ru.
• ‘Hallucinogen – The Violin Trance’ was actually released as ‘Celtic Cross – Darshannon’.
• ‘Celtic Cross – No Name’ was actually released as ‘Celtic – Sailing Down The Cosmic Seas’.

Some fake tracks circulated attributed to Simon Posford, such as:
• ‘Hallucinogen – Gamma Goblins Part 3’.
• ‘Hallucinogen – Twisted (Do You Fuck as Well as You Dance Edit)’ is a track from Macguyver.
• ‘Dj UX – Outside This World (Hallucinogen Remix)’: UX does not refer to Kris Kylven’s project, but to a project of Robin Gunning (Promon). This track was never remixed by Simon Posford.

• Info/estimated date/sample for ‘Wargasmed’; initial info/estimated date/source/sample for ‘Purple Om – Electric Snake’; estimated date for “Hallucinogen – nn”; duration/sample for ‘Earth Nation – Alienated (Hallucinogen Remix)’ by kwulf
• Info/date/source for ‘Earth Nation – Alienated (Hallucinogen Remix)’; trivia for ‘Electric Snake’ by ozran
• Alternate name for ‘Wargasms’ by Mark Ainley
• Identification for ‘Agent Orange’ by Khum Quat
• Info for ‘Gamma Goblins Part 3’ by Ekto-Basilisk
• Info/date/source/sample/trivia for ‘Binah – Crescent Suns (Original Mix)’, ‘Hallucinogen – NN’, ‘Shamanix (Remix)’, ‘Shamanix (Live Unreleased Mix)’; ‘Purple Om – LSD (Hallucinogen Mix)’, ‘Twisted (Fake)’; date/source/sample for ‘Hallucinogen – LSD (Icon Mix)’ by draeke
• Info for ‘Hallucinogen – LSD (Icon Mix)’ by DJ Sunborn
• Multiple identifications for wrong artists/names, ‘Hallucinogen – LSD (Icon Mix)’; info/date/source/sample for ‘Chadok’, ‘Snarling Black Mabel (Remix)’ by Cosmogenesis
• Date/trivia/source and artist name/track name for ‘Electric Snake’ by deejayogi
• Correct info for ‘Celtic Cross – No Name’ by Joske Vranken
• Info/date/source/sample/trivia for ‘Purple Om – Celtic Cross’, ‘Solstice Trance’ by Patrice Heyoka

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