Juno Reactor

Country: UK


1 – No Talking Just Head 6:59
1994-95 / Source: DAT / Original title on dat tape was “Debbie Harry” / “It was a track called “No Talking Just Head” with Talking Heads and Debbie Harry, that was meant to be used as a 12″ remix. Later i used some of the idea we put on the track for other tracks” (Ben Watkins)

2 – Shark (Trance Mix)
1997 or earlier / Source: DAT

• Info for ‘Shark (Trance Mix)’ by Mark Ainley
• Info/source/sample for ‘No Talking Just Head (Debbie Harry)’ by DJ Sunborn
• Confirmation/alternate name/trivia for ‘No Talking Just Head (Debbie Harry)’ by Ben Watkins

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