200 5367946
Musician: Dave King


1 – Beauty And The Beat  5:57
2000-2001 / Source: Once available on MP3.com

2 – Sunset In India  5:08
2000 / Source: Once available on MP3.com

3 – The Beat  5:01
2000 / Source: Once available on MP3.com


• Track ‘Beauty And The Beat’ was part of an album called “In The Beginning”. Kaevad began writing dance music in 2000, the music from “In The Beginning” were the first tracks written (2000 – 2001).
• Non Goa tracks ‘Everything’, ‘Crazy’, ‘New Dawn’, ‘Reality Is A Nice Place (But…)’, ‘Welcome To Oblivion’, ‘Dreams’, ‘Close Your Eyes’, ‘Awakening’, ‘Energetic Vibrations’, ‘Lonely Summer’, ‘The Running Man’, ‘Let The Music Take Control’,’Nameless’ were part of DAM CD album called “Kaevad”.
• The artist ran a net-label of various electronic styles called “Kaevad Records”.

• Info/samples by Cosmogenesis