Musician: Unknown
Country: Greece
Style: Goa Trance

1 – Prana – Taiyo (Special Megatron Remix) 
1998 / Source: This track circulated on P2P sites as “prana_-_tayo(special_megatron_remix)-1998-mgtr”. The .nfo file accompanying the MP3 says: “My special Prana mix with special appearance from the former Greek dictator Mr. Pappadopoulos. It’s made out of fun not politic belief.” The music is actually Taiyo – Taiyo (Remix by Chakra), overlaid with the voice of the former Greek dictator.


• Initial info for ‘Taiyo (Special Megatron Remix)’ by flipie
• Additional info/sample for ‘Taiyo (Special Megatron Remix)’ by Robostyx

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