Nomads Of Dub

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Country: UK
1 – Glittering Colours 
1994-1995 / Source: DAT / Info posted on the booklet of the first Return To The Source compilation, on DJ Chrisbo‘s playlist.

• “Maybe it’s the track ‘Spirals‘, that they [Nomads Of Dub] released in 98 and contains this sample: “It’s like we’re seeing… SPIRALS… of glittering colors… uh…. unwind. Vivid colours…. colours that are… are REALLY undescribeable. Vivid colours, different colours, glittering colours.” My conclusion is that the track ‘Spirals’ was made in 94 and circulated with the name of ‘Glittering Colours’ (hence the DJ Chrisbo top list of that year) and was then released in 1998. Makes sense? Did they collaborate in 97? My guess is no.”

• Initial info by kwulf
• Comment by draeke


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