Musician: Ofer Dikovsky
Country: Israel






• Ofer Dikovsky’s comment on his tracks from the 1990’s: “I don’t have any unreleased track from that time… everything went out eventually.”
• Ofer also states that the track that appears as ‘No Refound (Remix)’ (1999, source: DAT) is not his as he never made a remix of ‘No Refund’. In fact, it is a cut version of the original released track which circulated on Greek DAT tapes.
• The track that circulated on DAT as “Ofer – Megamorphosis” was actually released as “MFG – The Creation”.
• The track that circulated on DAT as “Offoria – Abcent” was actually released as “Oforia – Dimensional Exploration”.
• The track that circulated on Greek DAT’s as “Oforia – Spycosonic” was actually released as “Oforia – Outer Conception”.

• Info for ‘No Refound (Remix)’ by Cosmogenesis
• Info for ‘Abcent’ by DJ Sunborn
• Info for ‘Spycosonic’ by Aidaho
• Ofer Dikovsky contacted by Ridge Mättökiuas

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