Snake Thing

Snake Thing
Snake Thing

Musician: Nick Taylor
Country: Australia
Style: Goa Trance, Breakbeat, Experimental

1 – Blizzard Of Ooze (Remix) 9:26
1998 / Source: DAT

2 – Gizmo (Alternate Mix) 9:17
1997 / Source: DAT / It is not clear if it is an earlier, shorted version, or a remix, however, the lack of big differences compared to the released version, indicates the first option.

3 – Track 10 (as Nick Taylor) 8:58
1996 / Source: DAT / The title suggests that there are possibly more unreleased tracks by this project.

• Info/source/samples for ‘Gizmo (Remix)’, ‘Track 10’ by DJ Sunborn
• Info/source/sample for ‘Blizzard Of Ooze (Remix)’; original discogs page by Kwulf


Label DJ & Audio Engineer at DAT Records, Musician & Composer at Liquid Sun, Radio Producer, Founding member of the Unreleased Goa Project, Alternative Artist, Computer Technician & Web Designer.