Musician: Tom Shoval
Country: Israel

1 – She’s Alive 8:15
1997 or 1998 / Source: DAT from India / “Starts with a long intro (1:30 minutes) of just a flute and the cry of a baby deep in the background. Then it starts kicking and has the sample “She’s alive… alive!” at 3:30. The track is a mixture of Nitzhonot and Goa. AFAIK it has not been released anywhere.”


2 – No Name 1 8:02
1999-2001 / Source: DAT from Israel


3 – No Name 2 8:13
1999-2001 / Source: DAT from Israel


• Info/source/comment by Draeke
• Correct artist/sample for ‘She’s Alive’; info/samples for ‘No Name 1’, ‘No Name 2’ by Cosmogenesis

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