Total Eclipse


Country: France
Style: Goa Trance


1 – Total Eclipse – Area 51 (Remix)  6:31
1996 / Source: DAT from France

2 – Total Eclipse – Bug  6:13
1999 / Source: DAT from France / “This is a very nice D n’ B track that surprisingly stayed out from the “Access Denied” album, though it is much better from the most tracks of this album!” [K. Sunborn]

3 – Total Eclipse – Coke is Dead 7:20
1999 / Source: DAT

4 – Total Eclipse – Defrost  8:19
Nov 1998 or earlier / Source: Various DAT tapes / 146 BPM / Listed also as ‘Decross’ [Sta], ‘De Frost’ [KS] / Probably a shorter version of the track with duration 7:16 was released by Serge Souque’s solo project Alexipharmic

5 – Total Eclipse – Delta 9 (Full Version)  6:03
1994 / Source: Mix tape made especially for the Australian party crew Vibe Tribe by DJ Ollie (Ollie Wisdom) / An (apparently; not marked as such) edited version appears on their first album.

6 – Total Eclipse – Dracula  5:44
1997-98 / Source: DAT from Mark Ainley / “I got this from a French collector and love it. Turns out the Bordeaux trio don’t like it very much and so it won’t be released. It is a super-lively, bouncy track that is a guaranteed floor filler” [Mark Ainley]

7 – Total Eclipse – Dream Vision  8:09
1997-98 / Source: DAT from Max (Etnica)

8 – Total Eclipse – Electro Gizmo  7:00
1997-98 / Source: DAT / Circulated on DAT circles also as ‘Fuck It’, which was the earlier name of the track.

9 – Total Eclipse – Get Out Of Your Mind  7:48
1994-95 / Source: DAT

10 – Total Eclipse – Last  6:30
1997-98 / Source: DAT

11 – Total Eclipse – Light  4:53
1993 / Source: Mark Ainley / Appears on a 5-track DAT which is probably their first demo. Two of the tracks, ‘Total Eclipse’ and ‘Black Hole’ were released

12 – Total Eclipse – Odd Evening (Early Mix)  5:47
1996-98 / Source: DAT from Max (Etnica)

13 – Total Eclipse – No Name  3:53
1996-98 / Source: DAT from Max (Etnica)

14 – Total Eclipse – Sound Is Solid (Death Metal Mix)  6:30
1995-97 / Source: Mark Ainley / “There is a long, something like 20 minute run-through of the darker vinyl only version, on a Total Eclipse DAT which they called the ‘Death Metal’ mix. Has a couple of voice intros” [Mark Ainley] / “Seems like they used the track exclusively for their live sets. In this version track fades out at 6:30” [K. Sunborn]

15 – Total Eclipse – Speed  6:00
1993 / Source: Mark Ainley / Appears on a 5-track DAT which is probably their first demo. Two of the tracks, ‘Total Eclipse’ and ‘Black Hole’ were released

16 – Total Eclipse – Transition  5:52
1993 / Source: Mark Ainley / Appears on a 5-track DAT which is probably their first demo. Two of the tracks, ‘Total Eclipse’ and ‘Black Hole’ were released / “This track had no name on the original DAT, but there is a spoken sample with the word “Transition” all across the track. It was very common practice at that time, track names comes out of a sample” [K. Sunborn]

17 – Total Eclipse – Virtual Terminal Energized (Rising High Remix)  7:39
1996-98 / Source: RisingHighMusic‘s YouTube channel / Confirmed by Stephane Holweck

Live Tracks

18 – Total Eclipse – Hit And Run (Live in Athens)  5:55
1995 / Source: Greek DJ / “Probably from one of their live sets in the legendary Alsos Club. Sound quality is crystal clear” [kwulf]

Live Sets

L1 – Live TBE  65:05
25 March 1995 / Source: P2P site (The set is incomplete) / “I believe I heard that this set was recorded by a French collector and friend of the group named Did, who currently makes music with Stef” [Mark Ainley]

1 – Total Eclipse – Blade Runner (Finale)
2 – Total Eclipse – Sound Is Solid
3 – Jungle High with Blue Pearl – Fire Of Love (Total Eclipse Remix)
4 – Total Eclipse – Night / Later released as ‘Toxic Caterpillar’
5 – Total Eclipse – The Crucible
6 – Total Eclipse – Aliens
7 – Total Eclipse – Free Lemonade
8 – Total Eclipse – Dragon Breath / Later released as ‘Le Lotus Bleu’
9 – Total Eclipse – Transparent Mind
10 – Total Eclipse – Waiting For A New Life
11 – Total Eclipse – Hit And Run

• Original page on Discogs curated by Draeke and Kwulf.
• Info/sample/source for ‘Area 51 (Live Mix)’; alternate name/BPM/date for ‘Defrost’; trivia for ‘Bug’ by DJ Sunborn
• Alternate (incorrect) name for ‘Area 51 (Remix)’ by Aidaho, Matteo Stroppa and Nexus6
• Info/comments/samples for ‘Dracula’, ‘Fuck It’; trivia for ‘Sound Is Solid (Death Metal Mix)’; samples for ‘Light’, ‘no name’, ‘Speed’; track list/comment for ‘Live TBE’ by Mark Ainley
• Info/sample for ‘Defrost’ by Aidaho
• Info/trivia/samples for ‘Coke is Dead’, ‘Get Out Of Your Mind’, ‘Hit And Run (Live In Athens)’ and ‘Live TBE’ by kwulf
• Info/samples for ‘Sound Is Solid (Death Metal Mix)’; info for ‘Light’, ‘no name’, ‘Speed’ by draeke
• Info/date/source/sample for ‘Delta 9 (Full Version)’ by EzraHaSofer
• Trivia/additional source info for ‘Delta 9 (Full Version)’ by ozran
• Alternate name for ‘Defrost’ by Stardiver
• Info/sample/source for ‘Bug’ by Cosmogenesis
• Correct info for ‘Odd Evening (Early Mix)’ by Takis Blacklight
• ‘Virtual Terminal Energized (Rising High Remix)’ was posted on RisingHighMusic‘s YouTube channel
• Original tracklist for ‘Live TBE’ by Patrice Heyoka

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