Country: France


1 – Attack Without Mercy 7:43
1999-2000 / Source: Mp3 file / Not fully confirmed

2 – Le Twist Decembre 8:14
1999 / Source: DAT / Circulated misnamed as ‘Le Twist Demembre’ or ‘Le Twist Desember’ or ‘Letwist Desimber’.

3 – New Tripiatrik Notice 8:00
1999-2000 / Source: Mp3 file

4 – Percussive Rain 8:48
1999 / Source: DAT

• Another track which also circulated as ‘New Tripiatrik Notice’ is in fact the full version of the released track “The Real Wrong” / Full version is 7:50, while the released is 7:18.

• Info/source/sample for ‘Percussive Rain’ by Draeke
• Info/source/sample for ‘Attack Without Mercy’, ‘New Tripiatrik Notice’ by Cosmogenesis
• Alternate info for ‘Attack Without Mercy’ by Dada Trip
• Info/source/sample for ‘Le Twist Decembre’; identification for the false ‘New Tripiatrik Notice’ by DJ Sunborn


Label DJ & Audio Engineer at DAT Records, Musician & Composer at Liquid Sun, Radio Producer, Founding member of the Unreleased Goa Project, Alternative Artist, Computer Technician & Web Designer.


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