Country: Germany






Single Tracks:
1 – X-Dream present The Pollinator – Clone III (Remix)  8.40
1999-2000 / Source: mp3 file


2 – X-Dream – No Guilt Trips (Remix)  10.02
1999 / Source: DAT from UK and DAT from Greece with this date: 25-11-1999


3 – X-Dream – No Name 1  7:50
1996 / Source: French DAT and Greek Mini Disc / A fast track that has typical sounds of X-Dream including animal noises, typical feature of X-Dream tracks.


4 – X-Dream – No Name 2  / Blash
1998 / Source: DAT from France. Unfortunately the track was heavily damaged on the tape, there is only 1 minute sample existing.


5 – X-Dream – Oscillator (Lunadozer Rmx)
1999 or older / Source: DAT / Appears on the “top 10” list of Pena (Flow Records, Portugal) for 16 Jun 1999.

6 – X-Dream – Our Own Happiness (95 Mix)  8:40
1995 / Source: DAT from Max (Etnica) / Has a different intro and some other differences, it’s probably the original mix that circulated before the finalized version was released.


Other Projects:
7 – California Sunshine Feat. X-Dream – X-Wave (Alternate Mix)  9:07
1998 / Source: Greek DAT /Listed as ‘Planet B.E.N. – Slow Move (X-Dream Remix)’


8 – Fools And Tools – Itchy & Scratchy (Other Mix)  8.31
1997-98 / Source: DAT from UK


9 – Koxbox – Fuel On (X-Dream Remix)
1998 / Source: DAT From France

10 – The Groupie Syndrome – Pacemaker (Remix)  8:16
The remix artist is probably ‘The Groupie Syndrome’ or ‘X-Dream’ or ‘The Delta’.


Live Mixes:
L1 – X-DreamLive @ Mandala (CULT, Arnsberg, Germany), 5 March 1999  78 min
1999 / Source: Mini-disc


L2 – X-Dream – Psychomachine (Live Mix)  6.38
1999, probably / Source: mp3 file


L3 – X-Dream – Intercorporal Stimulator (Live Mix) 6:16
1999, probably / Source: mp3 file


• A tape circulated with 4 tracks, labeled as “X-Dream – Live”, it contains: ‘Panic In Paradise’, ‘No Guilt Trip (Remix)’, ‘Zebra’, ‘Screw (The Truth)’. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th tracks were slightly altered (such as intro and outro faded, channel inverted in one case and or changed something in the equalization) probably to have trading material.
• A “live” version of ‘Our Own Happiness’ circulated as 128kbps mp3 and was in fact just a dj attempt to rework the track adding some distortion and a couple loops.
• The track ‘Psychomachine’ circulated in DAT circles with a different mastering and sounding better.
• The track ‘Psycho Activity’ circulated in DAT circles already in May 1996 in a better and more fluid version than the later released track.
• The track later released as ‘Protoplasm’, circulated as ‘Portal Plasma’ on DAT tapes in 97/98 and sounds better than the released version.
• The track that appears as ‘X-Dream – Psychedelic Rock ‘n Roll (Remix)’ on DAT is actually released as ‘Lotus Blue – Psychedelic Rock ‘n Roll (X-Dream Remix)’.
• The track that circulated on P2P as ‘X-Dream & Juno Reactor – Unreleased No Trade’ is actually released as ‘Johann Bley – Leave Your Body (Jan Müller Remix)’.
• The tracks that circulated as ‘X-Dream – TS’ and ‘No Message’ are both actually the released track ‘Hardware’ by Stoop & Fidget.
• The track that circulated on P2P as ‘X-Dream – Horse’ is actually released as ‘X-Dream – S.T.O.P.’.
• Another track that circulated on P2P was named ‘X-Dream – Kobi’ (7:57) is probably a fake track as it doesn’t sound like X-Dream at all.
• The track that circulated on P2P as ‘X-Dream & S.U.N. Project – Pozaron’ is actually the released track ‘Ouija – Pizza Man (Melo Mix)’. • The track that circulated on DAT tapes as ‘The Delta – Flexotone’ is actually the released track ‘X-Dream – Intercorporal Stimulator’.
• The track that circulated as ‘X-Dream – Flexynton’ is actually the unreleased track ‘LFOids – Medusa (Original Mix)’.
• The track that circulated as ‘Planet B.E.N. and Marcus – Barstress’ is actually from Nordreform Sound System.

• Info/source/date for ‘Oscillator (Lunadozer Rmx)’ from psychedelica.chat.ru
• Info/comment/sample for ‘Pacemaker (Remix)’ by TheTreeTribe
• Info/sample for ‘X-Wave (Alternate Mix)’, identification for ‘Barstress’, ‘Flexynton’, ‘No Message’ by DJ Sunborn
• Info/sample for ‘NN1’ by ma05683 and kwulf
• Info/sample for ‘X-Dream Live at Mandala (Cult Arnsberg, Germany), 5 March 1999’ by Stratos Rezwalker
• Info for ‘Koxbox – Fuel On (X-Dream Remix)’; info/samples for ‘NN2/Blash’, ‘Psychomachine (Live Mix)’, ‘Intercorporal Stimulator (Live Mix)’ by Cosmogenesis
• Correct artist for ‘X-Dream – TS’ by Jyxxa Peltonen
• Identification for ‘Flexotone’ by Mark Ainley
• Info/trivia/samples for all other tracks by draeke


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