Musician: Lennart Krarup
Country: Denmark
Style: Goa Trance, Ambient

1 – Darkness 6:46
1998-99 / Source: DAT from the artist

2 – Metal Man 9:10
1998-99 / Source: DAT from the artist / A crazy track, like heavy metal with a trance kick, closer to metal than trance.

3 – Surrender (Premix) 6:06
1998-99 / Source: DAT from the artist / A nice morning track with a “Euro-trance” feeling.

4 – The Hunt 9:04
1998 / Source: DAT from Greece / Planned for release on a Dragonfly compilation that was cancelled just before going to the pressing plant.

• The track that circulated on DAT as “Mushroommen – Galactica” is actually the released track “Genshi – Galactic Gala”.

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Label DJ & Audio Engineer at DAT Records, Musician & Composer at Liquid Sun, Radio Producer, Founding member of the Unreleased Goa Project, Alternative Artist, Computer Technician & Web Designer.