Ubar Tmar

Ubar Tmar
Ubar Tmar

Musician: Takeshi Isogai
Country: Japan
Style: Goa Trance, Psy-Trance

1 – Elephant Talk 8:13
1996-97 / Source: DAT / Not the same version as the recently released (2018) track ‘E-Talk’

2 – Free Fall Boogie (Unreleased Edit) 8:27
1996-97 / Source: DAT / This edit has a longer outro compared to the released version, but is otherwise almost identical to it.

3 – Istaleshilogy 9:09
1998-99 / Source: DAT

4 – Lark’s Tongues In Aspic Part 3 8:11
1996-97 / Source: DAT / A very interesting and experimental remake of the track original made by the legendary rock band King Krimson, in their 1984 album “Three Of A Perfect Pair“.

5 – The Tale Of Taketori (Live Mix) 8:48
1997-98 / Source: DAT

6 – When The Light Is Gone (Unreleased Edit) 7:12
1996-97 / Source: DAT / Not the same version as the recently released (2018) track.

7 – Yellow Yoga (Alternate Mix) 8:06
1996-97 / Source: DAT / The original unreleased mix (with notable differences, shorter in duration and omitting the ultra-fast build up) of the track that circulated on DAT as ‘Ocean Of Joy (Rmx)’ and ‘Demo Japan II’, until finally released in 2002 as ‘Yellow Yoga’.

Remixes & Collaborations

8 – Keizuke & Ubar Tmar – Biomechanoid 8:46
1997-98 / Source: DAT

9 – Masaray – Time Traveler Of Trance (Ubar Tmar Remix) 6:00+
199? / Source: Psy-Harmonics / No other info or sample available.

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• Info for ‘Ocean Of Joy (Rmx)’ by Aidaho
• Info for ‘Time Traveler Of Trance’ by ma05683



Label DJ & Audio Engineer at DAT Records, Musician & Composer at Liquid Sun, Radio Producer, Founding member of the Unreleased Goa Project, Alternative Artist, Computer Technician & Web Designer.