Musician: Itzik Levy
Country: Israel
Style: Goa Trance

1 – End Of The World (Ultraloop Mix) 11:21
1997-98 / Source: DAT / An earlier and longer mix of the released track. Probably the same track which circulated as “Acid Man”. The released track features the sample “Today, a young man on acid…” which kinda supports the title Acid Man.

2 – Ghostrider (Mix 1) 11:05
1996-97 / Source: DAT

3 – Ghostrider (Mix 2) 10:38
1996-97 / Source: DAT

4 – No Escape 10:46
1995 / Source: Mini-Disc & MP3 files

5 – Nostradamus (Illegal Remix) 7:58
1996-98 / Source: MP3 / This track features a sample from the rock group Van Halen (also used in a well known Apollo 440 track), and that is why the artist named it “Illegal Remix”, as he didn’t have the authorization to release it.

6 – Nostradamus (Remix 3) 8:52
1996-98 / Source: MP3

7 – Perfect Stranger (Early Mix) 9:00
1997-98 / Source: Mini-Disc

• The 2 mixes of “Ghostrider” mentioned above, circulated as “Itzik & Daniel – Ghostrider”. A 3rd mix of the track finally released as “Ghostrider (Time Tunnel Remix)“.
• The track that was later (March 1998) released as “Sandman – Shockwave” appeared on DAT (date: April 1997) as “Itzik & Daniel – Babylon”.

• Initial info for ‘Nostradamus (Illegal Remix)’; info for ‘Nostradamus (Remix 3)’, ‘No Escape’; samples for ‘Nostradamus (Illegal Remix / Remix 3)’, ‘No Escape’ by AcidRunner
• Info/source/sample for ‘Ghostrider (Mix 1)’; date for ‘No Escape’; trivia for ‘Acid Man’; original discogs page by Kwulf
• Info/source/sample for ‘Ghostrider (Mix 2)’, ‘Perfect Stranger (Early Mix)’; trivia for ‘Shockwave’ by DJ Sunborn
• Info/source/sample for ‘End Of The World (Ultraloop Mix)’ by Nemo
• Correct name and trivia for ‘Nostradamus (Illegal Remix)’ by Draeke
• Alternate source for ‘No Escape’ by Kobi Harosh
• Confirmation for ‘No Escape’ submitted by Itamar Oval

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  1. Acidrunner - October 9, 2019 at 7:36 am

    Ghostrider (Mix 1) & 2 Are Almost Sounds The Same I Remember That I Trade With Kulf303 On Soulseek About Some Unreleased Trak & I Got From Him The Version In The Next Link :

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